Small Chocolate Tempering Machine Will Packed To UK

By:Ellie Time:August-24,2018
The good news recently is that a UK guest has ordered our chocolate tempering machine, and the chocolate tempering machine will packed to UK several days later.
Our chocolate tempering machine is the latest design. Our engineers refer to the advanced technology at home and abroad, and have greatly improved the chocolate tempering machine on the basis of the original machine. This is one of the reasons why our machine is so popular. 
chocolate tempering machine uk
The UK guest has his own chocolate processing plant, and he also has a full set of chocolate processing equipment, but recently his chocolate tempering machine has been used for too long, so he wants to change a new chocolate tempering machine. He turned his attention to the Chinese chocolate equipment manufacturer. Our company is very fortunate to be liked by this UK guest. This guest first saw our chocolate tempering machine on the website and he found the machine to be suitable for his current chocolate processing equipment. So he asked us about the quotation of our machine, the operation video of the machine and so on. Our staff also had a friendly exchange with this guest through chat software.
Finally last week, the guest decided to visit our chocolate tempering machine in person. When we first met, we took him to our office. In the conference room, we once again discussed the equipment of the chocolate tempering machine, and arranged for the guests to go to the factory for on-site exploration. In the factory, the guests carefully inspected our chocolate tempering machine and presented us with some suggestions. We told him that his suggestions would be carefully considered and adopted, because our factory can customize the machine. After staying in China for three days, the guests returned to China and signed a contract with us before the departure and discussed some issues of delivery. 
Now our factory has completed the production of the chocolate tempering machine, and after three days the chocolate tempering machine will be packaged in the UK!This guest said that he feels very happy to cooperate with our company and hopes to have long-term friendly cooperation with us. He will also introduce our company to other good friends in the UK.
Our chocolate tempering machine is really selling very well and has been exported to many countries and regions. More importantly, our chocolate tempering machine is not only of very good quality, but our machine is cheaper than most other companies. Our company also sells other chocolate making equipment and the entire chocolate production line. If you are interested in our machines, you can contact me directly.
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