Price of Chilli Powder Making Machine

By:Ellie Time:July-25,2018
Chilli is rich in carotene, can make respiratory tract unblocked, which has the effect of preventing wind chill cold. Chilli is not only used for chill cold but also for regulating blood lipids. It still can promote hormone secretion, having very good cosmetic health care effect to the skin.And chilli powder as an important spice in our daily life is loved by many people. Chilli powder making machine is a necessary to make chilli powder. So do you know the price of chilli powder making machine? Firstly let me have a introduction of  chilli powder making machine.
price of chilli powder making machine
This machine is applicable to the cutting and processing of Chinese medicine before Chinese medicine extraction or crushing, root, fruit, leaf, grass and other materials, as well as the cutting and processing of food (green silk, preserved fruit), aquatic product (kelp silk), tobacco/tea, etc.
And the I will introduce the working principle of the machine.
The machine is composed of three parts: frame, crushing body and hopper.
A movable tooth disk is mounted on the spindle. Three more rings of movable knife are installed on the movable tooth plate. In addition, a fixed tooth disc is installed in the door of the crushing body. When the spindle is running at high speed,the moving ring gear is relatively turned around, so that the material is sheared, impacted, rubbed and impacted and collided with each other between the fixed tooth and the movable tooth, so that the material is crushed to achieve the purpose of crushing.
price of chilli powder making machine
Finally, I would like to give you the operation instruments of the machine.
1.After the machine is in place, it must be installed on a horizontal ground plane. If necessary, the feet can be bolted to prevent movement.
2.After correcting the level, first check the grease of the bearing part. Generally speaking, the machine has been filled with the proper amount of grease before leaving the factory.
3.Check if the fasteners of each part of the machine are tightened. Whether the machine door is closed and sealed, and then the belt is moved by hand to check whether there is a jamming card and abnormal sound. If the abnormality is found, it is necessary to remove the inspection and eliminate the problem before starting the machine.
4.Check whether there are any foreign objects such as metal in the machine cavity before starting the machine. Otherwise, it will damage the machine cavity, the toothed disc or cause accidents.
5.Connect the power supply and check the direction of the spindle rotation. It must conform to the direction of the arrow of the machine, otherwise it will damage the machine cavity and the toothed disc.
No matter where you come from, we will sell you the machine at the best price. Please contact us if you need.
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