Chilli Powder Machine Price in India

By:Ellie Time:July-25,2018
Chilli is a very important vegetable and condiment in our daily life. The condiments made from various kinds of chilli can increase salivary secretion and amylase activity after oral administration, so as to promote appetite and improve digestion. And chili contains rich vitamin, especially vitamin C, can make the body redundant cholesterol changes into bile acid, have the effect that prevents gallstone thereby. And chilli powder is the most sufficient condiment especially in India.Our company provides chili powder machine with low price for a long time. So many Indian customers come to buy our chilli powder machine price. Today I would like to introduce you the chilli powder machine.
chilli powder machine in india
This chilli powder machine is mainly applied for pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff etc., which has better crushing effect for many different materials.The crushing chamber is equipped with a high speed rotating wind wheel cutter, which makes the air flow in the chamber strong enough to eliminate any heat in the chamber. It has the characteristics of smooth and convenient operation, low noise and high crushing efficiency.
And next I want to tell you the advantages of the chilli powder machine.
1.This machine is the most advanced technology, compared with other machines, the cost of the machine is slightly lower, economic and practical.
2.This machine can be fully automatic operation, only manual bagging, the bag is clean, easy to seal.
3.The machine is stable in performance, small in volume, small in area ,which is the ideal equipment for condiment processing plant.
4.Through continuous innovation, the noise of the machine has been significantly reduced and no noise pollution will be caused.
chilli powder machine in india
Finally, I will show you some operation instructions of the machine.
1.The grinding machine should be placed on a fixed, solid horizontal table or ground. The soft rubber (rubber pad) under the machine will reduce vibration and achieve better static effect.
2.After switching on the power, it should first check whether the grinder operates in the specified direction, and whether the sound and vibration are normal. If there is abnormal noise or vibration, it should be shut down and checked.
3.Start the power supply, run for about 1 minute, put the material into the hopper, twist the regulator to the appropriate position, open the material baffle, and make the material flow into the grinding chamber slowly. Ordinary materials are generally ground twice, first by rough grinding, second by fine grinding.
4.During processing, if the machine stops suddenly due to power failure or other reasons, it must clear the residual materials in the crushing chamber before starting again.
Our company promise that we provide customers with the best quality machine with reasonable price. If you have any questions, you can contact us!
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