Chili Powder Grinding Machine Price in Sri Lanka

By:Ellie Time:July-25,2018
Chili powder is an important condiment for people to make food, which can help people to relieve heat and pain, reduce fat and lose weight, help digestion and increase appetite. And chili powder needs to be ground by a specific chili powder grinding machine. Our company is a professional chili powder grinding machine manufacturer with many years experience. The machine has been exported to many countries and areas with favorable price all over the world and received many praises, especially Sri Lanka. Many customers from Sri Lanka have imported this chili powder grinding machine to run their business. And now I want to show you the chili powder grinding machine.
chili powder grinding machine in sri lanka
Firstly, I will introduce you how does this machine work.
When the pepper enters the machine cavity from the hopper, the pepper entering the machine chamber is tightly rubbed and strongly impacted on the inner side of the blade of the turbine in the swirling airflow, and is again ground in the gap between the blade and the grinding block. While the pepper is being crushed and ground, the turbine draws in a large amount of air that acts to cool the machine, grind the peppers, and deliver the pieces of pepper.
The chili powder grinding machine is specially designed for chili processing and other food processing plants. The machine has improved a lot on the basis of previous machines. Now let me tell you its advantages.
1.The chili powder grinding machine is automatically feeding, which is helpful to save labor cost and time. 
2.This chili powder grinding machine adopts special structure, no vibration rotation, low noise.
3.It uses little resources and energy, and the chili powder grinding machine works efficiently and easily.
4.This machine is very compact, portable and safe to use.
5.The bearing part of the chili mill is equipped with a special labyrinth seal, which can effectively prevent the chili fragments from entering the bearing chamber, thus extending the service life of the bearing.
6.We are manufacturers, so the price of our machine is low.
chili powder grinding machine in sri lanka
Finally, I would like to give you some hearty tips about the machine.
1.In case of serious wear and tear or damage, repair or replace the machine parts timely.
2.The grinding machine needs to be fixed on a solid and stable table or ground to minimize vibration and noise.
3.When the machine is not in use for a long time, the external power should be cut off. Don't put the machine upside down. Keep it flat. Don't put heavy objects on it.
Above all are what I want to tell you about the machine. If you have demand for it, you can contact us, we will sell it to you with reasonable price.
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