Automatic Cashew Nut Shelling Machine Cost

By:Ellie Time:July-23,2018
We are know that cashew is delicious and has certain therapeutic effect, people like to make it into various kinds of food to eat. But the shell of cashew are hard so that it can not be removed easily. And do you know how does factory process the shell? So what I'm going to show you next is the automatic cashew nut shelling machine, which can remove the shell of cashew easily!
automatic cashew shelling machine
The automatic cashew nut shelling machine is a necessary machine to process the cashew. The cashew nut shelling machine has high dehulling rate, low crushing rate, good quality, simple operation and convenient maintenance. This automatic cashew nut sheller can be used in cashew food processing or other nuts processing industry. And the machine are supplied directly by our factory, so the cost of the machine is cheap.
Then I would like to tell you the advantages of the automatic cashew nut shelling machine.
1.The cashew nut shelling machine adopts the latest technology, the shelling rate is up to 98%, and the breaking rate is less than 1%.
2.This machine is very convenient to operate. All of these steps are automatic, allowing two people to control the entire process, and even newcomers can quickly master the technology under professional guidance.
3.Advanced technology makes this cashew sheller suitable for all hard cashews.
4.The main components of the machine are made of stainless steel, which has long service life and is safe and non-toxic.
5.This machine has high shelling efficiency, saves a lot of electricity, and has no pollution to the environment.
6.The machine is small in size, low in land occupation rate so it can save space.
7.The cost of this cashew nut shelling machine is low because we are manufacturer, we provide machine with a favourable cost!
automatic cashew shelling machine
And finally, I want to tell you some tips to maintain the machine.
First of all, you should always lubricate your machine so that it works better and does not rust. What’s more, before operating the machine, you'd better check the machine several times to avoid any trouble in the work. Besides, remember to wash and remove any debris left in the machine. 
Above all are what I want to introduce to you today.Maybe you are looking for the cashew nut shelling machine, maybe you want to start a business that is related to cashews at a low cost. Then you can cooperate with us! We will supply you the best machine at a low price!
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