Automatic Cashew Nut Processing Machine Price

By:Ellie Time:August-17,2018
The cashew nut processing machine price produced by our company has the most favorable price.
Cashew nuts are very common nut. The cashews are rich in nutritional value. They can be used for cooking, as well as for medicinal purposes. They can also be used as casual snacks. They are one of the world's four famous dried fruits. But cashew nuts often go through a series of processing to be truly used. This automatic cashew nut processing machine is currently the most advanced production line with the most reasonable price.Today I would like to introduce you the cashew nut processing machine price and other information in detail.
The cashew nut processing machine mainly consists of cashew shelling machine,cashew shelling machine,cashew shell kernel separator machine,cashew peeling machine.If you want to know the cost of the cashew nut processing machine,you need to know the machine firstly. So next I would like to introduce you the main machines.
cashew nut processing machine cost
1.Cashew classifier machine
The cashew classifier machine is a machine for dividing cashew nuts of different sizes (grades 2-6, different machines) or similarly shaped nuts.The classifier machine mainly includes transmission, hierarchy, chassis and other components.We can customize this machine according to customer requirements.
2.Cashew shelling machine
The cashew nut sheller is a special cashew nut machine for the cashew nut shell. This machine is based on the original automatic cashew nut shell machine, based on the newly developed new generation of cashew nut shell opening equipment.The equipment completely solves the problems of low production efficiency, low output, poor safety, high labor intensity, and inability to form production rules.
The equipment has the advantages of wide processing range, high output and good safety.Each machine has six air inlets. The feed action is done automatically,which is the best choice for cashew processing.
3.Cashew shell kernel separator machine
The cashew shell kernel separator is mainly used for separating the shell and kernel of cashew.This machine adopts double fan, which has good separation effect and high output. It is an ideal cashew separation device.
4.Cashew peeling machine
The cashew peeling machine is suitable for peeling different sizes of cashews, garlic, peanuts, beans, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.The machine uses advanced air compression technology to naturally peel off the skin, ensuring the quality of cashew nuts. It is suitable for use in a complete processing line or on its own. This machine is easy to maintain, clean, practical, energy-saving and compact, and has high production efficiency.
The complete cashew processing machine can greatly save your equipment cost.And about the price of the cashew processing machine, because the price of the materials of the machine is uncertain, so if you want to know the actual price of the machine, you can contact us by phone.We promise that we can make you cost the low price to buy the cashew processing machine.
We are looking forward to cooperate with you.
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