Reliable Cashew Nut Peeling Machine Manufacturer India

By:Ellie Time:July-31,2018
Our company is a reliable cashew nut peeling machine manufacturer in India, which is committed to design and produce nut peeling machine for a long time. As professional and reliable cashew nut peeling machine suppliers, we have been exported all kinds of cashew nut peeling machine to many countries and areas in the world. And obviously, our peeling machine is really popular among these countries,especially India. We have many old customers from India, our machines bring good economic benefits to them, so they have reached a long-term cooperation relationship with us. Today I want to introduce you the cashew nut peeling machine we supply.
cashew nut peeling machine suppliers india
Our cashew nut peeling machine is a advanced peeling machine mainly used for remove the skin of cashew nut, hazelnuts and other kind of nuts. The cashew peeling machine can peel nuts without soaking them in water. 
This cashew peeling machine adopts pneumatic principle, which uses compressed air as a power source to create a powerful swirling airflow that naturally peels the cashews. The machine consists of two parts. The drying drum has a hot air circulation function, which keeps the cashew nuts dry even in a humid climate. The peeling part is powered by the air flow of the air compressor, which can easily remove the cashew skin and saves electricity. Therefore, the drying and peeling can be completed in one time, which greatly improving the work efficiency.
Next I want to introduce you the advantages of the cashew nut peeling machine.
1.Cashew nut peeling machine is made of stainless steel material to ensure human health and free of food contamination.
2.The machine is small in size and adopts a combined structure, which is easy to disassemble and is conducive to the daily operation and maintenance of the machine.
3.This multifunctional cashew nut peeling machine has a capacity of 150-160kg/ h, and we have multiple models for users to choose from, with a net removal rate of over 98%.
4.The machine is strong in structure, reliable in performance and low in failure rate
5.We are reliable cashew nut peeling machine manufacturer in India, the machine we supply has the most reasonable price ad good quality.
cashew nut peeling machine suppliers india
As a reliable cashew nut peeling machine suppliers, we have a professional technical team and staff, and we are constantly innovating to provide customers with more efficient and practical machines. We have our own factory and all the machines are supplied directly by the manufacturer, so the price of our machines is the most affordable. We have rich experience in exporting machines and reliable sources of supply. The machines have been exported to India, Pakistan, America and other countries, so customers can buy our machines as much as they like. We will also provide customers with the most warm services. We look forward to cooperating with you!
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