Baking Machine for Sale in Kenya

By:Ellie Time:July-23,2018
The baking machine is a professional machine for processing nuts. Different models and specifications apply to different kinds of nuts. And the baking machine produced by our company is for sale in Kenya, which is popular in Kenya. Many guests from Kenya come to buy our baking machine and are very satisfied with our baking machine, and they have built a friendly relationship with us and want to cooperate with us for a long time.
Now I would like to introduce some main kinds of baking machine for sale in Kenya.
1.Automatic Cashew Nut Roasting Machine. 
This baking machine combines roasting and cooling, which greatly reduces time and improve the efficiency. This cashew nut roasting machine is widely used to baking cashew, peanut nuts and other kinds of nuts. The machine has an automatic temperature control device that guarantees the quality of baking. And the price of the machine is really favourable.
baking machine kenya
2.Commercial Peanut Drum Roasting Machine. 
The baking machine for sale has two drums to roast materials, which has higher efficiency than one drum. The baking machine has a variety of functions, and has advantages of environmental protection, heat insulation, energy-saving, sanitary and other performance advantages. The peanut drum roasting machine for sale is the most advanced in the world at a low price.

3.Commercial Almond Nut Roasting Machine Equipment.
This is a single drum baking machine. This machine is ingenious in design and smaller in volume than other types of baking machines. It occupies small ground and saves a certain space. If you need a baking machine to roast almond nut, this one is best for you!
baking machine kenya
4.Electric Pecan Pistachio Nut Roasting Machine
This baking machine for sale in Kenya has three drums to roast pecan and pistachio nut. This machine use electricity to operate the machine and does not require a gas burner or other heating element. And it is also automatic, so it is very easy and convenient to operate. The machine for sale also has a inexpensive price!

5.Macadamia German Nut Roasting Machine
This nut roasting machine has four drums to bake the nuts. This Macadamia German nut baking machine adopts hot air diversion system, which can effectively improve food quality under different conditions. The whole machine is mostly made of stainless steel with beautiful appearance, and made of food that is harmless to the human body. 

6.Industrial Hazelnut Nut Roaster Roasting Machine
This machine has five drums to bake the hazelnut. This baking machine for sale in Kenya has powerful functions and high efficiency. If you need a high efficiency to bake materials, the machine will be your best choice!
Above all are our main baking machines for sale in Kenya, all of them are with high quality and favourable price. You can select the baking machine according to your actual requirements. And if you want to know more about our baking machines, you can contact us!
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